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It's Complicated ebook cover
It's Complicated
A Maxi's Place Story #2


Three months after the Jazz Battle of the Bands, Maxi’s Place bustles with hungry diners, local musicians, and devoted employees. The nightly merriment provides a welcome distraction from the complications love brings. Since whom she wants is out of reach, owner Cole Washington jumps from woman to woman with no remorse for their discarded feelings. Constantly tested and despite repeated disappointments, executive chef Tasha Haynes remains faithful to her quiet home life and youthful girlfriend.


Although clearly infatuated, hostess Ava Russell is adamant about keeping the truth from everyone at Maxi’s Place. Musician Bailey Thompson surrenders to unexpected emotions but reluctantly agrees to unfair restrictions. Ever attentive, lead host Daniel St. Clair senses a shift in the atmosphere and isn’t surprised about whom it involves. The perfect picture of sanity, lead bartender Logan Evans spends her free time alone, pumping iron and nursing emotional bruises. This is Maxi’s Place, serving a side of life with a dose of reality.

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