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Memories ebook Cover



A Maxi's Place Story #4


Maxi’s Place is back with another installment of good food, good music, and great drama. The annual holiday party is weeks away and this year, the staff celebrates an icon, Maxi Washington. Margie is determined to honor her sister’s legacy and highlight the goodness she spread to the world. Still following in her aunt’s footsteps, Cole is driven to keep Maxi’s Place successful, but she often yearns for the passion only one woman can give. Though her home life is close to a breaking point, Tasha takes pride in the flourishing kitchen, but lingering emotions test her discipline. The honeymoon is over for Bailey and Ava as individual ambitions threaten their fragile bond. Daniel has a sexy suitor but preventing his evangelical mother from finding out his secret may no longer be an option. Caught in a never-ending bout of insomnia, Logan is unaware of how toxic the situation is to her friendships and her sanity.

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