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Rumors Ring True ebook Cover
Rumors Ring True
A Maxi's Place Story #1


Welcome to Maxi’s Place, where good food, good music, and good company are the ingredients for an unforgettable experience. After hosting a music competition, the restaurant is busier than ever, and the diligent staff welcomes the uptick in their cash flow while bottling inner turmoil. When owner Cole Washington inherited the business, she put everything aside to preserve her aunt’s legacy, including her dreams. Executive Chef Tasha Haynes trained overseas and created an enticing menu for the newly-added kitchen but avoids reminiscing about defunct relationships to focus on the present.


Ava Russell is a college student with empty pockets and her eye on the prize, refusing to be sidetracked. Accustomed to getting what she wants, musician Bailey Thompson predicts a bright future after winning The Jazz Battle of the Bands and broadening her fan base of beautiful women. Lead host Daniel St. Clair takes his role of resident busybody seriously, often slipping in sly remarks at any given opportunity. Logan Evans mixes fancy drinks, dodging the occasional drunken pass from aroused women and sleeping alone. Good food. Good music. Great drama. Maxi’s Place. 

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