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The Lies We Tell ebook cover
The Lies We Tell 
A Maxi's Place Story #3


At Maxi’s Place, the summer activities conclude but the staff is caught up in an unexpected tempestuous aura. Often mistaken for anger, passion infiltrates every corner of the building and incites riotous behavior. Hiding behind a wall of indifference owner Cole Washington struggles to control built up resentment from bad decisions. Unaccustomed to feeling the fool, executive chef Tasha Haynes uses the kitchen as a sanctuary from a failing household.

Shocked at her behavior, musician Bailey Thompson worries dishonest liaisons will return to haunt her new relationship. Hostess Ava Thompson succeeds at balancing school and work but falls short when her love requires reassurance. Lead host Daniel St. Clair escapes exposure and for the moment remains shrouded in mystery. Months ago, a dire situation pushed lead bartender Logan Evans into hiding but her body can’t resist what her heart longs to possess. This is life. This is Maxi’s Place.

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