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I'll keep this bio short and hit you with the highlights.

To give you a clue as to my current age, I remember the Eighties. I'm from Dallas, Texas and I still live in the DFW metroplex. I have parents and siblings, nieces and nephews, and friends who graduated to being family a long time ago. I drive my wife crazy and I have a dog that follows me all over our home.  I listen to any music I can chair-dance to. I'm eccentric but I don't know many writers who aren't. I enjoy watching competitive sports, classic movies, and historical documentaries. I'm an amateur photographer so get ready for random pics of nothingness.


Obviously, I love to read and write. I found Lesbian fiction in my twenties and while I enjoyed diving into the world of sapphic entanglements, I could only relate to half of the content. In other words, I couldn't imagine any of those circumstances happening to me. I do what all writers do. I write books I want to read - books featuring Lesbians of Color within the masculine and feminine dynamic.

You can find me on social media (links at the bottom) and my author pages on Amazon and Smashwords. Add me to your favorites. You won't be disappointed.


Enough about me. Tell me about you. Do you love the Maxi's Place series? Which books have you read? I know I'm needy but drop me a line and tell me about it. If you hated it, please keep that to yourself.

P.S. Yes, that's a bitmoji and not a real picture of me. My nom de plume allows a level of anonymity and I didn't want to find some generic stock photo. Shout out to Bitmoji for capturing my essence.  I was not paid for that shout out, but I'll accept any offered funds or high-quality office supplies. Get at me Bitmoji!



Literary Stud Bitmoji
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