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Black Cherry: A Lesbian Valentine's Day Anthology


Aside from a delicious fruit which is best enjoyed with chocolate, Black Cherry is a collaborative effort by 18 black, queer authors and poets to share a singular vision. With stories and poems ranging from saccharine to downright sultry, Black Cherry is full of sensual delights. Black Cherry celebrates the unique, powerful, intimate connection between black women. L.M. Bennett delivers her delightfully snarky short, “Regards, My Dear,” Dujuana Sharese drops truth bombs in the stunningly introspective, “Self Deflection,” Brklyn Vigor spins an erotic tale of seduction and surrender, Sandra Hamlin shares a humorous anecdote of unexpected love in “Warm Velvet”, Literary Stud contributes a wickedly funny and sexy story of a rendezvous delayed, and much, much more. Available on Amazon.

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