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Literary Stud writes romantic and sensual stories with realistic Lesbian characters. By accurately depicting the masculine/feminine dynamic within the Lesbians of Color culture, Literary Stud creates tales that readers relate to and may have experienced. Books are available in digital and print format. She has also written for an anthology featuring Black Lesbian and Queer writers.

Maxi's Place Series


Introducing Maxi's Place, a serial soap opera with an ensemble cast of coworkers muddling through life. As an homage to the primetime soap operas of yesteryear, Maxi's Place is written in episodes but with a rainbow twist. Maxi's Place features Lesbians of Color in realistic tales depicting their complicated culture and unique relationship issues.


A popular jazz club in Dallas, Texas, Maxi's Place is reminiscent of a bygone era and attracts those eager to enjoy good food and good music. Under a guise of relaxation and gaiety, drama runs rampant throughout the staff as they struggle with love, hate, and everything in between.

Rumors Ring True Book Cover

Rumors Ring True - Book 1


Welcome to Maxi’s Place; a popular nightclub deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas, guaranteeing good food, featuring good music, and providing good company. Business picked up after The Jazz Battle of the Bands and an enthusiastic crowd stream through the door every weekend. The employees provide service with a smile and hide their tumultuous personal lives. Two people build a legacy even though they couldn’t be farther apart. Hard-fought good fortune means silver linings but sometimes love comes with restrictions. Good food. Good music. Great drama. Maxi’s Place.  ​Click for more


It's Complicated - Book 2


Three months later, Maxi’s Place returns with another chapter in a saga of decisions and consequences. On a busy night, Thompson 5 performs for an enthusiastic audience while food is served, drinks are mixed, and drama festers among the staff. A rolling stone runs from commitment unless it involves a certain woman. Close contact and perpetual blunders create impure thoughts about the olden days. A conservative nature prevents a public admission of a budding relationship, causing unexpected frustrations. This is Maxi’s Place, serving a side of life with a dose of reality.

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The Lies We Tell - Book 3

The summer is over, and the soap opera heats up, bringing another wave of changes at Maxi’s Place. The usually upbeat atmosphere masks the drama teeming underneath the surface. After deep retrospection, heightened sensitivities prove words can be hurtful and a fragile connection is threatened. Dedication to scholastic goals causes an endless torture of jealous thoughts and regrets. A kept secret may be dishonest and potentially disappointing, but sometimes necessary. Unresolved baggage suddenly reappears and wreak havoc on a tender soul. This is life. This is Maxi’s Place. 

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Memories - Book 4

Amid preparing for the annual holiday party, the staff at Maxi’s Place struggle with nostalgia and regrets. A separated couple yearns for once-shared passion, stubbornly refusing to deal with the past. That new love spell wanes for young lovers navigating the choppy waters of relationships and ambition. Unexpected emotions catch a cynic unawares, but conservative family members threaten future happiness. Meanwhile, a weary soul suffers in silence but contemplates a reckless solution. Good food. Good music. Great drama. Maxi’s Place. 

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Karmic Casualties - Book 5

In this episode of Maxi's Place, the staff prepares a tribute to their founder through food and fellowship. Unprecedented growth expands the family unit and breathes hope into a simmering situation. While one becomes accustomed to the comforts of home, the other forsakes their sanctuary altogether. An awareness of self brings a weary being to her senses, much to the dismay of the reigning narcissist. In an attempt to stave off the inevitable, desperation plans an elaborate performance doubtful to succeed. Teetering on the edge of immeasurable despair, a shattered phantom is publicly humiliated. The saga continues at Maxi's Place, where good music and good food comes with a side of great drama.

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The Bewitching Hour - Short Story


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