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Karmic Casualties


A Maxi's Place Story #5


In this episode of Maxi's Place, customers remain loyal, flooding the restaurant to enjoy good food and good music. Summer in Dallas, Texas, is winding down, and a busy holiday season is only months away. Cole stops denying the restaurant's growth is taxing her physically and hires additional staff before her aunt's tribute. Passion-deprived, Tasha dodges the home fires and grapples with forbidden desires. Ever the nurturer, Margie devises a wild idea and drafts the family attorney into her scheme. Unfamiliar with rejection, Bailey broods, and rebels against the consequences of her actions. Although plagued with regrets, Ava refocuses on her life goals under a guise of indifference. Amid joviality, the drama soon erupts, charting a course with long-lasting effects. Daniel knows no middle ground exists for a secret existence and a day of reckoning. Logan's futile attempts of appearing normal begin to catch up with her when a chance encounter rocks her senses. The saga continues within the walls of Maxi's Place, whipping up healthy servings of good food, good music, and great drama.

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